Jeni Kelsch is a 40-something year old mechanic. She does not work on cars much, but is an expert in the field of fixing. In one short day, she has been known to fix a sibling relationship, a dishwasher, an unpaid bill , a missed appointment, and an adequate dinner. She can build a goat barn, drive a tractor, and give you a reasonable guess as to what ate your chicken based on what’s left. She is well read, if skimming counts as reading, and her hobbies include, well, everything mentioned above. Striving to keep her priorities in check despite circumstances, she  adores her husband, loves her children, and likes the dog.  In the future she would like to be a better mother, wife, artist, and farmer and hopes one day not to get kicked out of heaven for her muddy boots, poor spelling skills and salty disposition.

Jeni Kelsch