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Art imitates life.

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

This is my first blog post. Let me just be upfront, I don't know what I am doing.

I don't like to brag but I am very good at getting other people to mange my technology for me so I can appear way hipper than my friends. My son manages my playlists on Spotify, my daughter knows how to make my phone play my hip playlists.

My other son told me I have to learn how to text with my thumbs instead of my pointer finger if I am going to hang out with him in public. My husband wants to know why I never answer his texts anymore.

I'm not going to let my past techno fails stop me, I can do this. I often don't know what I am doing in life, why would the cyberworld be any different? I am going to do what I always do: try, fail, regroup, drink coffee, eat chocolate. Blogging is a new world to me, I'm a little too old to be this cool and a little too young to ignore it completely. I hope you come back when I know what I am doing. Wait, don't stay away that long. Come back to watch me fail, that's always fun. You can point and laugh, I won't mind. Virtual laughter is much quieter than the real stuff. Especially if you can't open your website.

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