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Updated: Jun 18, 2018

My infant daughter hates baby food. I guess it isn’t that strange of a phenomenon, my cat shuns her cat food and don’t get me started on what the dog is willing to eat. Natural preference may explain my daughter’s choices to a point, but really, she doesn’t like any food unless it is sweet, gooey, and lacking all nutritional value. How does my ten-month-old have an appetite for food that will not make her grow? I am pretty sure I should feel bad about this, but I think I will blame my husband instead. That guy had cereal for dinner for the first 18 years of his life. Right up until he left home and realized those meals he rejected were more than he could afford to provide for himself, and he was hungry. Lesson learned too late, as then he married me, and although it isn’t cereal, it ain’t fancy food these days.

But my daughter seems wise for her months of life. Maybe she suspects that the leeway we give her in this family is due to her petite size. Maybe she has caught on to the other three children eating their vegetables, growing, and still not being allowed to blow raspberries at the table. While she, refusing all nutrition, can blow to her hearts content.

Maybe she’s right. I mean, the truth is when my six-year-old makes a huge mess, screams and puts things in his hair, we generally don’t call him Sweetie and giggle. Maybe in her little tenth month old head she’s thinking, “Stay small, don’t blow a good thing, you got this!” Unfortunately for us all, nothing good lasts forever. I hate to break it to Miss Picky Pants but time marches on. And a six-year-old, no matter how scrawny, is not going to get away with the things she does right now. So, eat up while you can Babycakes, there are no guarantees in life, you may not even get to keep the coveted position of baby in this family forever. You better start acquiring some new cuteness skills. I’ve always been fond of complete obedience, that is adorable!

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